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Selfportrait – Autoportrait

Staged – Mise en scène

The Autumn – L’automne

Stefanie (B) Lebowski

Comment from Christian Caujolle – Founder of the Agency VU  –  Artistic Director of the VU Gallery and Artistic Director of the Phnom Penh Festival

Commentaire de Christian Caujolle – Fondateur de l’Agence VU – Directeur Artistique de la Galerie VU et Directeur Artistique du Festival Photo Phnom Penh


” What strangeness ! At first, however, everything is perfectly recognizable and, it might seem trivial : a young woman sitting on a chair, who interrupted her knitting activity, to calmly watch the photographer facing her. But his white chair is placed in the center of the driveway covered with golden leaves, from an autumn undergrowth. And she knits red, the same red as her top. The ample perspective, as well as, the framing, which wedges the woman up and down, adds to the unusual, in the same time discreet and taking. And the colors vibrate in the red in the manner of autochromes of yesteryear. There are others ? ”     Christian Caujolle